Our Philosophy  

We believe each child is a unique individual. Our program emphasizes learning experiences that promote a child’s natural curiosity and development of independence, language skills, social competence, and positive self-esteem. Learning experiences are cultivated through music, play, sensory experiences, and investigation.  All programs are age appropriate.  Our staff’s responsibility is to help the child develop his/her social, emotional, physical, and educational skills to their fullest potential.  These skills are developed through interaction with loving, knowledgeable staff that are sensitive to each child’s personal needs. The curricula are designed to help each child develop the confidence to openly explore and discover the world around them. Our knowledgeable and qualified staff strives to enhance each child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth. Montessori Magpie encourages diversity in all aspects of operation. Montessori Magpie commits itself to finding quality, innovative practices, techniques, and educational materials to care for your child and their evolving needs.